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Now Accepting "Afterpay"

Left and Right Counselling is proud to announce "Afterpay" as a new payment method.

Afterpay logo
Afterpay logo

There can be many barriers that prevent a person from accessing critical mental health support. Support that is often necessary and crucial for a persons success and overall wellbeing. We are proud to offer this cost affective alternative to help elevate the financial burden of those desperately needing support.

How does it work?

- Pay over 6 weeks.

Get what you need now. Make your first payment today and the rest over 6 weeks. We’ll send you reminders, so you never miss a payment.

- Never pay interest.

Afterpay never charge interest. Full stop.

- No fees when you pay on time.

Afterpay is free when you pay on time. Pay nothing to sign up, no establishment fees, no monthly account fees.

Left and Right Counselling is a counselling service that provides therapy to young people aged 12-25 and adults aged 25 and above. With no limit to sessions, flexible session durations and now flexible payment options, we are dedicated to provide a therapy service that is tailored and personal.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our service, please contact us today.

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