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Begun in late 2020, Left and Right Counselling is a new and emerging mental health organisation that promotes client inclusion and input in their therapeutic outcomes. The team behind Left and Right Counselling are a young and innovative group of professionals, driven by lived experience, with a passion for mental health and fresh perspectives on service delivery.


At Left and Right Counselling, we use only professional counsellors who are highly skilled in assessment, case conceptualisation and the therapeutic process in order to offer competent and in-depth support to our clients. All of our counsellors are registered with either the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) or the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and receive mandatory and regular supervision to ensure they are practicing at their best.


Image by Ron Smith

Left and Right Counselling believes that the client is the expert in their own life and experience. We believe that our role is not to dictate how a client should live, but to walk alongside them, offering insight, encouragement and support as they learn about themselves, their past and possible future. Another way to describe this approach is called ‘person-centred therapy’.


Person-centered therapy uses a non-authoritative approach that allows clients to take more of a lead in discussions so that, in the process, they will discover their own solutions. The therapist acts as a compassionate facilitator, listening without judgment and acknowledging the client’s experience without attempting to dominate or steer the conversation. The therapist supports the client through the therapeutic journey without interfering with the process of self-discovery.

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